Monday, October 27, 2008

Mr. Fred's Poetry Corner: What I am?

What I am?

Outlaw? Beatnik? Hippie? Burn-Out?
What I do? What I am?
Loser hipster wannabe dipshit?
Stumblebum bloodclot asshole dreamer?
Poet of the pampered failure demons?
Expat indolent merely blogger?
Crazy hidden closet skeleton?
Joe-the-dead-boy butt-stupid unknown?
Blue eyes begging for a dime?
Lunch loser lost around the corner?
Life loving suicide failed optimist?
Falling no-net trapeze angel?
Wishing-hoping-praying parody
Of a fading darling boy?

October 15, 2008


Anonymous said...

Bitter old white guy? Your table is ready.

fred c said...

I must say, being a bitter young white guy was slightly more fun.

Anonymous said...

It is true then: The child *is* father to the man.
We are alike Fred, in that the perpetual adolescent is still alive and well in our aging and not-so-well bodies. I've always felt about 18 years old inside. I don't understand all these aches and pains.


Anonymous said...

Your Fred
Nuff said