Monday, June 23, 2008

The Wasting Time Expert

The sun is full up, and I am well rested, so it must be time for me to waste my time. I often wonder, is there any difference at all, really, between: 1) studying Latin poetry; 2) watching reruns of “Life With Bonnie;” 3) working at the average job; 4) writing or reading for pleasure; or 5) smoking crack and watching pornography. Isn’t it all just wasting time, when all is said and done?

Which one of the Seven Deadly Sins is wasting one’s time? Not Sloth, you can be very busy and still be wasting time.

I admire those who actually accomplish useful things, whose actions actually help people, who work some good in the world, like dentists, or plumbers. I salute you!

Let’s see, I can finish the first draft of Chapter Ten this morning, a couple of thousand words, eat some lunch, peruse the Internet for an hour or two, take a nap . . . that should take me to a reasonable hour to start drinking.


Anonymous said...

My money is on black-gluttony. Spin the wheel, make me rich.


fred c said...

I took a test on the web one time to see which of the Seven Deadly Sins I violated and how badly. I did okay, but I lied a little.