Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pattaya Pix

Is it just me, or does this woman look just like Martha Stewart? She's never heard of Martha Stewart by the way.

So many Russians go to Pattaya, and I hardly ever see them anywhere else. They love the beach and the packages must be cheap, there are so many hotels.

Would any Thai party be complete without a wide assortment of beautiful women? This group ranges from nineteen to sixty four years old. The young woman on the left is Muslim, Thai muslims are so happy and they wear the religion so lightly, they could really show the Middle East a thing or two.


Anonymous said...

Pictues are great and the woman does look like Martha! The table setting is so lovely with real linens, wow!The pool looks fabulous but where are the folks? I was expecting to see some skimpy suits but that may have spoiled the scene! Love, Ann

fred c said...

The whole thing was nice. The hotel calls itself, "Five Star," but really it was a typical thousand Baht room with less than great cable TV. There was, I must say, plenty of hot water and the pressure was high.