Monday, June 2, 2008

Pattaya Four: Russians Have Soul

I complain about Russians, I’m sorry, it’s not really fair. On balance I think that they are very ok for White people.

For instance, I think that they have real Soul, independent of the influence of Black people. Sure they can be boorish. I’ve never been comfortable with loud talking in public. And you should see the gauche outfits they wear on vacation in Thailand. The bathing suits! So tiny! The women (some of them), so fat! The men too, with the tiny bathing suits and the big bellies. Russians are among the whitest of the Earth’s people, and after a few days in Thailand they are definitely the reddest. But they have real Soul, Russian Soul.

So it’s ok. Go ahead, be Russian. What do I know anyway?

And I am sincerely glad to have the real, natural Russian folks back in the world instead of those so-called Soviet cut-outs, robotic inventions of supremely maladjusted probably Germans, welcome back, Russians, let’s party!

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