Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And Yet, More Poetry

I'm sorry that I complain so; I know that my life has not been that hard. I know how lucky I've been. I'm appreciative, in my way.

Beloved of God

If I could be a better friend, I would,
But snapping fingers cannot make it true.
I’m glad that I’m not smarter or less smart,
I’m in the zone of comfort, after all.

The smarter people, they all suffer so,
Suffer for their art.
The lesser lights may not suffer at all.
Mediocrity is best; life is long.

To live so long this life,
It seems so very long,
Isn’t it a long, long time?
And understanding nothing,
Is it blessing? Is it curse?
More like a curse to understand.

So only prayers of thanks from me,
For all that I have ever seen,
My life has been so trouble free,
I know I am belov’d of god.


Anonymous said...

In the recent movie "The Bucket List" it is said God or whoever guards the entrance to Nirvana asks you only 2 questions:

"Did you give others joy?"
"Did you find your own joy?"

Gotta work on that 2nd one, Fred.

Anonymous said...

Or read the Bokonon Death Ceremony in Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle."
"I was mud that sat up and looked around for a while..."

fred c said...

My friend Larry K. asked me one time, we were probably eighteen, Fred? What do you really want to do with your life? I told him I just wanted to relax, i.e., not be so wound up all the time. I don't know if I've ever made it without chemical assistance.

Joy, I'm afraid, is out of shooting range; but I am happy, after my own fashion.

Anonymous said...

Define "happy,after my own fashion".

Anonymous said...

no Joy? ...Not even the first time you fell in love? ...Not even on your wedding day? the birth of your children?...They day they smiled at you and said "da-da!"?
Pffft. You lie, Mr. C.

fred c said...

After my own fashion? Satisfied with the way things have turned out; genuinely feel lucky to have avoided the really, really bad things; able to enjoy interesting things on a daily basis; achieved some measure of acceptance, of my self and from others; sleep well.

Joy? Maybe it's calibration; I've been at the joy end of my scale.