Saturday, June 21, 2008

Skepticism Is Our Only Hope

The law, like music, is all theft, with only praise for plagiarism, so I will borrow a phrase to sum up my argument:

'"I beseech ye in the bowels of Christ, think that ye may be mistaken.' Lerned Hand, quoting Oliver Cromwell's plea just before the Battle of Dunbar. These words Judge Hand said he would like to have written 'over the portals of every church, every courthouse and at every crossroads in the nation.' For, he added, 'it seems to me that if we are to be saved it must be through skepticism.'"

I rest my case, after again quoting Justice Hand, "With the courage which only comes of justified self-confidence, he dared to rest his case upon its strongest point, and so avoided that appearance of weakness and uncertainty which comes of a clutter of arguments. Few lawyers are willing to do this; it is the mark of the most distinguished talent." P. 128, In Memory of Charles Neave (1938).

All you voters out there, take note.

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