Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Other Earthly Paradise

I am out of the office, and I will remain so for another week or so. My temporary base is Los Angeles, which was my home for about thirty years. It's still very nice.

American TV is interesting. It's like an education in the fine points of pharmacology. Here are two fascinating things that I've learned about prescription drugs:

1. The new selling point for legal drugs is, "may cause weight loss;" and
2. If you are allergic to a certain medication, you should avoid taking that medication.

Oh, three fascinating things:

3. Virtually all medications have the potential to make you dizzy, and probably nauseous as well.

The only time that I watch regular TV "channels" these days is in hotels. It's just as big a waste of time as I remembered it. Between streaming, and YouTube, and all of the many other options, it's no wonder that the viewership for this year's Oscars was down. I only watched the whole thing because I was trapped.

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