Monday, March 12, 2018

Love Look Away

Okay, so I've been in Los Angeles for almost two weeks now, and I'm loving my old radio stations. I heard this one on KJAZ, 88.1 FM, today, and I pulled over to the curb to write it down so that it would not just fade from memory. This cut is worth listening to every so often, pretty much forever.

The radio here really is pretty good. KJAZ plays a lot of blues on the weekend. Then there's KXLU, 88.9 FM, the Loyola University station. They play the music of the cool kids, I'm not even sure what you'd call it anymore. It's more rock than pop, that much I can say. On the weekend they're mostly Salsa, and that's a rocking good time, too. KCRW is still very good (89.9 FM). Their thing is playing music for the cool adults. KPFK, Pacifica Radio, is the center of World Music activity, which fits in with their aggressive political posture. There are weekend shows devoted to African pop/rock/jazz music. It's all good stuff.

For all of those stations, there are no commercials, unless you catch them in a pledge drive. It's a good radio town, and a good restaurant town, and a great weather town. Just remember to bring a lot of money, because L.A. is also a very, very expensive town.

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