Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sunday Morning Getaway

The "portrait" photo is me approaching the beach on Imperial Highway, along the southern edge of LAX. Turn right and your on the road above Dockweiler State Beach, dare I say, Dockweiler . . . Road? Boulevard? Something like that. Dockweiler, anyway. The view from my car in the "landscape" photo is very familiar to me. I took these pix two weeks ago. 

My old house in L.A. was very close to this spot. Just a hop, skip, and a jump, seven minutes in the old days, long ago, before the traffic got crazy. On some Sunday mornings, after breakfast, I'd take some of the Sunday papers and park down here for a while, listening to the radio or a CD, alternately reading and watching the planes take off over my head from LAX, or looking at the oil tankers offloading at pipeline connections about a mile out to sea. (There's a big oil facility in El Segundo.) Not only on Sundays, I was liable to show up here almost any time that I had an hour to kill. Maybe read a couple of chapters of a novel; maybe just listen to All Things Considered. Seeing it again was a high point of this trip. 

It's still a beautiful spot, as you can see. The land jutting out in the distance is the northern curve of Santa Monica Bay, with Malibu more or less in the center of the section of distant coast that we can see here. So Cal really is a very nice place. 

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