Thursday, March 29, 2018

Remaining Alive: Little Richard - "Long Tall Sally" 1956

From the "Remaining Alive" file, here's Little Richard tearing it up. Richard isn't feeling well these days, but no one quite feels like themselves anymore at the age of eighty-five. Word (Wiki) is that he's still got his wits about him (there's a few good jokes in there, but I'm not here to deliver them).

My own favorite Richard moment was him in an interview in about 1990, reciting the list of drugs that he didn't do anymore. The list went on forever, and included things that most people hadn't even heard of. He sang a tune that day too, accompanied by a friend playing a guitar, I believe. It was a church song, I think. He sang the hell out of it, which I suppose is how church songs are supposed to work.

Alert the media! Little Richard remains alive as of this writing. Somebody should get down there quick and get another little chat on video. Richard always delivers a good time.

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