Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Vaselines-Son Of a Gun

So here's the original; the Nirvana cover is two posts down. 

I love the comments to these YouTube videos, people get so emotional.  There's a big argument in the string for this vid about who was covering whom, like it was a mystery.  The comments on the 'Tube are also big on who is the best, what is better, and who is a poseur.  One big echo chamber of judgmental valuism, where calling Mr. Cobain "Kunt" Cobain passes as humor.  Pretty funny stuff, often accomplished in less than perfect English, which is always funny.

Pardon my voyeuristic hilarity, I know that it's not cool.  (I never said I was cool though, and I wouldn't even let it be said in my presence, if the situation arose.)  

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