Friday, July 27, 2012

Two New Things

On the road last week from Prachinburi back to Bangkok I saw two things worth reporting.  Both were issues of first impression for me, proving that if you live long enough you'll see everything, or at least that if you live in Thailand for a long time you'll continue to see things that are new to you. 

1.  From the van window I saw a guy on a motorcycle.  He was going along at a good clip, albeit slower than the van.  In his left hand he held a good sized branch with a heavy load of leaves on it, and straining in the wind it was too.  He was using it to shield himself from the sun! 

2.  I saw a woman peeing right on the sidewalk.  Her two attempts at delicacy were a) to squat with her back to the traffic; and b) to chose a spot where there was no building and little foot traffic.  I've heard that this kind of thing happens in some other Asian countries, but honestly I never thought I'd see it here.  My suspicion is that alcohol was involved. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a petition to your soul Freddie.


Anonymous said...

Thx for your post, I really enjoy your blog. Long time lurker, first time commenter, you know the drill. I tried to share this one time before, I don’t think it posted correctly…hopefully it will this time!