Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nice Museum In Prachinburi, Thailand

Out in Prachinburi on a teaching trip I visited this temple.  Nice city, like no tourists, smallish place.  

This is a small museum on the grounds of the above temple.  This city was politically important in the late Nineteenth Century, ruled by a bureaucrat with strong connections to the royal family.  These "European style" buildings were a status symbol at the time.  

The museum features the usual old stuff, in no particular order.  This corner includes four typewriters.  The one at the right, the blue one, is probably a 1950's model, that's old enough for a Thai museum.  The one in the middle really was old, maybe 1910. 

I love this thing.  It totally fails as a manikin, but it's kind of sweet in its clunky way and its real meaning is quite mysterious.  Why the scales hanging from the "arms?" 

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