Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bangkok Motorcycle Mania

I see these from time to time, and often they are pink.  It does suit the bike though.  It's an old Honda 50, and you've got to admit that the lines of every single aspect of the bike are thoughtful and beautiful.  The pillion seat, the fenders, the showy spokes.  Love the "007" on the chainguard!  Hell, I love the chainguard!

You can find bigger, more exotic bikes than this in Thailand, but very, very rarely.  This is a Honda 400, yes, a 400 cc engine, that's a huge bike here, where "big" bikes start at 250 cc.  Water cooled, because, let's face it, it's fucking hot here.  I love these bikes, they look good, they sound good, and they've got plenty of go in them.  

This bike is semi-affordable too, because it's partly assembled in Thailand.  That's important for tax purposes.  I found out recently that a Ducati will set you back a million over here, Baht that is, about thirty-thousand dollars, which includes a lot of tax. 

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