Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shrines In A Prachinburi Museum

The shrines in this museum almost overpower the historical displays.  This large shrine to the current King is a beauty.  

This is a shrine to that important person from long ago, the local big shot.  To me it is a little odd that it seems to overshadow the King's shrine in grandiosity.  Shrines and statuary to this guy are all over town, he really must have been something. 

A shrine to a monk.  This temple is attached to a big monastery, and this fellow must be a founder or something.  The gold mottling on the bust is gold leaf applied by devotees.  On the right of the picture, above the flowers, is a new monk garment, probably so that the guy will have something to wear in the afterlife, where he has lived for some time.  

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