Sunday, April 7, 2019

Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals

There's so much going on here. This is NYC immediately pre-crack, almost ten years into the financial breakdown. Cultural experiences, and great food, were still priced withing the reach of a working man.  All of these black and PR break-dancers were working men and women. So were the black and PR geniuses who made the first beats. This was the birth of Hip-Hop, brought to us here through the miracle of cultural appropriation by Malcolm McLaren. 

I can tell you, it was easy to simultaneously hate Malcolm as a glom and a hanger-on and love him for spreading the knowledge of such beats and music. I never liked Malcolm, but I loved this LP, and I do to this day. There's nothing to forgive him for. He found London punk, and Bronx Hip-Hop, fair and square, and a guy's got to make a living. 

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