Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Jackie Brenston - Trouble Up The Road

Why yes, this is the same Jackie Brensten who gets the credit for the first real rock and roll record, "Rocket 88."  (1951, Jackie Brensten and his Delta Cats.) And lookie here! Ike Turner gets the writing credit for this song! And that's him playing the guitar, and it's Ike's band, and Ike produced the record. Trouble Up the Road came out in 1961. 

The band on this cut and also Rocket 88 is really Ike Turner's band. In 1951, it was Ike's Kings of Rhythm. Ike was nineteen when Rocket 88 came out. This record features the Ike Turner Orchestra, which in 1961 also featured the young and talented Tina Turner. 

You may not like Ike. A lot of people don't. But he had a great eye for talent, and he knew how to get the best performances from his singers. He wrote great songs; he always had a great band. As a producer and as a musician, he always knew what a hit should sound like. As an A & R man in the early 1950s, he discovered Howlin Wolf! You don't have to like Ike, but you must respect a list of accomplishments like that. 

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