Thursday, September 28, 2017

Walk On By by Laura Nyro

There's something special about someone just sitting playing a piano and singing their heart out.

It's very difficult to coax great tone and real emotion from a piano, but when it's done properly it is very effective. The whole enterprise is a full house, musically. Three instruments playing together, left hand, right hand, and voice, so there are ample opportunities for harmony. When it's done well, it's like a small miracle.

For me, just sitting with a piano and playing and singing a song is final exam stuff. (Disclaimer: I can't do it myself.) Making a great job of it gains the player my undying admiration.

The list of greats would be long, and I hate to neglect to mention any of the other greats, but, without meaning any disrespect to anyone else, Laura Nyro is certainly on the list.

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