Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh! My God! It's Not Blazing Hot!

Countryside villages in hilly provinces all over Thailand are experiencing a new disaster: moderate temperatures. All quotes are from the Bangkok Post:

"Eight villages in Hua Hin have been declared a disaster zone after temperatures hit 10C, chilling residents who live without electricity.

"Temperatures as low as 13 and 14 degrees are normal, but this year the mercury has dropped further to 10 degrees, especially at night, according to Mr Prasit. "

Some of the affected areas are without regular electric service, and the reason is mysterious to outside observers:

"Residents want electricity to keep themselves warm in the cold season, but the area (Hua Hin, ed.) has been without supply since the government of Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat more than 40 years ago. The area is regarded as a "military safety area," so electricity is not allowed, said Mr Prasit."

Ten degrees Celsius is life threatening to people accustomed to extreme heat on a daily basis:

"Meanwhile, the Public Health Ministry has launched a campaign against diarrhoea which has claimed the lives of 42 people, most of them aged under five since early this year, and continues to threaten people in the cold season."

I'm pretty comfortable myself. Ten degrees Celsius is fifty degrees Fahrenheit.


Anonymous said...

Probably has to do with Global Warming . . . or Goebbels' warning.


Anonymous said...

You better have Al Gore and his acolytes do a scientific expedition and figure out how he can somehow attribute this weather phenomenon to global warming. We've had the coolest year ever recorded. Must be the effect of the con-trails from Al's private jet from doing so much flying to lecture on carbon offsets. His house alone is worth at least a few hundred thousand points.

Anonymous said...

You obviously just wanted to talk about thai women. What's up with that?