Thursday, December 25, 2008

FUBAR, No Doubt About It

I liked that movie, “Saving Private Ryan,” but I was pretty sure that they made up the term FUBAR for the movie. (“Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition”) No, it so happens that the term was coined in 1942 in North Africa by American soldiers as part of a new, acronymic vocabulary to describe the new situations in which they found themselves.

It started with “SNAFU,” of course. (“Situation Normal, All Fucked Up”) It went on to include not only FUBAR, but also:

SUSFU: “Situation Unchanged, Still Fucked UP”

SAFU: “Self-Adjusting Fuck-Up”

TARFU: “Things Are Really Fucked Up”

FUMTU: “Fucked Up More Than Usual”

JANFU: “Joint Army-Navy Fuck-Up”

JAAFU: “Joint Anglo-American Fuck-Up”

FUAFUP: “Fucked Up And Fucked Up Proper”

The citizen-soldiers were in fact mocking the acronym-mad culture of the military in general, where “Command, Submarine, Pacific,” was reduced to COMSUBPAC. That’s my opinion anyway, even though I don’t think COMSUBPAC is technically an acronym.

Source: “The Day of Battle,” by Rick Atkinson, page 36.


Anonymous said...

I thought FUBAR was a German word! "Saving Private Ryan" is apparently a fairly accurate portrayal of what transpired during the "Normandy Invasion". My father-in-law jumped with the 82nd during the invasion. His favorite WWII movie was "The Longest Day". He and his family went over to France to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of D-Day. Every time my wife sees the opening of "Saving Private Ryan" (the part where Ryan, forty years later, is standing in front of Captain Miller's grave marker) she cries. I must admit that I cry, too, on occasion during that scene.


Anonymous said...

DILLIGAF? I think you should hold a contest to come up with an acronym for the current situation in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

In their younger day, did Fred and nanute live in close proximity to one another? I've heard about the legend of nanute and I'm trying to get a handle on his whereabouts. I seek his advice in certain matters pertaining to sociological, political, and religious anomalies.


fred c said...

It is entirely possible that Nanute and I were sociable, or within sociable distances, at one time. I have not done the research. Perhaps I shall.

Anonymous said...

nanute. Not Nanute! Have you no decency sir? BTW: the quasi- political turmoil in Thailand . . . what's up with that? My guess is that you, as a former "Peace Corp" volunteer, have witnessed and experienced alot of "turmoil". And, as a result,you've developed a fine sense of when to get when the getting is good. If I were to be suddenly transported to where you are now sitting, I would not feel comfortable sitting in your seat--and I would, probably, experience anxiety (or even panic) attacks. I heard it, through the grapevine, that the complete and total effectuation of the "New World Order" is soon to be. The time is now for you to come home . . . .


Anonymous said...

Rather astute observation on your part. I don't think I'd be much help with your questions regarding social,political and religious anomalies, but I'll give it a shot. Fire away.
Best for the New Year to all.

Anonymous said...

I thought "FUBAR" was some sort of Shriner's lingo :) or just a funny made-up word like Furgalicious.