Friday, December 5, 2008

Kite Season in Thailand

We are in the middle of our “Cold Season” over here. This so-called Winter lasts about six weeks, draped in and around the month of December. It’s hot again before the end of January, but for this six week period the weather really is delightfully cool, even in the middle of the day. Over the last week, I have begun to see kites flying around the neighborhood.

I first noticed this “kite season” when I was living up-country in a small provincial capitol. Kite stands opened up around the first week in December; they were all gone by the second week in January. I figured, and I still believe, that this is kite season because it is the only time of the year that it is cool enough to run around outdoors, like running around trying to get the kites aloft.

Almost all of the kites are of the standard, elongated diamond shape, most are very colorful. Thai children, like children everywhere, seem to enjoy the whole thing. Generally speaking though, Thailand is much too hot for the full speed running that is required to get a kite airborne. Better to stick to slow-motion games of soccer for those who insist on taking outdoor exercise.

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