Friday, December 5, 2008

Monster Jobs! has not given up on me. I spent most of 2006 looking for a job teaching English, and I registered with Monster and checked in pretty frequently. With 2009 fast approaching, it is nice to know that they have not forgotten about me.

I get an e-mail notice almost every day informing me of the results of “my job search.” Here’s the list I got today:

Dec, 05, DRIVERS WORCESTER BUSINESS HAS OPENINGS, T and G Help Wanted Ad , Worcester-01608
Dec, 05, FINANCE DIRECTOR CITY OF COLUS, Company Confidential , Colusa-95932
Dec, 05, Physician, Company Confidential , Hewlett-11557
Dec, 05, Assistant Director, Liberty Lutheran , Philadelphia-19101
Dec, 05, INSURANCE PERSONAL LINES REPABILITY TO Q, T and G Help Wanted Ad , Worcester-01608
Dec, 05, Production Worker, Company Confidential , Panama City Beach-32407
Dec, 05, TEACHER, Worcester Telegram and Gazette , Worcester-01608
Dec, 05, RESPONSIBLE PERSON 117 FT GOOD BENEFITS C, T & G Help Wanted Ad , Worcester-01608
Dec, 05, Welder/Pipefitter Trainers, Navy Recruiting District , Odessa-79761

Today’s list is unusual in that it actually contains a teaching job. Do you think that this is the result of a randomized computer search? Just to get a list going? There doesn’t seem to be any rational consideration behind it. One list included “aircraft refueler, Iraq,” that was my favorite.

Things seem to be jumping in Worcester. Good for them.

Number 8 confused me. After I thought about it, the “FT” probably means “full time.” The “117” still confounds me; strictly speaking, the ad appears to seek a responsible person, 117 feet tall. It would help if I knew what “C, T & G” stood for. Or “Q” for that matter.

Nice to know that they remember me, though, in their zeal to be helpful.


Anonymous said...

My only guess is that their database searches out your entire family history, forms a synthetic neurosis and takes flight into the darkness of possibility. That's just me though. I have a hard time believing in randomness.


Anonymous said...

You've been away from the states too long pal. Don't you recognize a fantastic career opportunity when you see it? I'm referring to job #8: 7-Eleven Full-Time! A company that has been growing by leaps and bounds in these financially-strapped times. "Inferior goods" (such as potato chips, pork-rinds, Slim Jims, and Old English to wash it all down)are the up and coming trend in America. I, myself, am tooling up to sell shit-on-a-stick and water-mellons up the road. I've got it all figured out and I've already got the location of my enterprise picked out. What's wrong with you boy? Don't you understand that the only thing it takes to become successful and rich in America is hard work, an honest days work, and providing your customers with quality products at a fair and reasonable price?