Tuesday, May 22, 2012

RAFFAELLA CARRA' 1978 -- " night and day " -- by f1alexMilano

You Tube, the lazy blogger's friend. 

I love the comment, "Barbarella, the Musical."  At just this time I will braggingly admit that I loved Italian pop music of a certain stripe, Lucio Battisti for instance.  This TV performance was a lot deeper than I was swimming though, and maybe it's a good thing I never saw it.  In my delicate condition there's no telling what the effect might have been. 


Anonymous said...

You really are gay Fred. Homosexuality is now a normal social style of living, thank you 21st century that you abhor so much, and you really are gay. Now I understand the move to lady-boy-land. Now i get it.

fred c said...

Thanks, Anon! I used to get that all the time, back when I was young, thin, stylish, neat and polite. Haven't heard it for a long time though. I always took it as a complement.