Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PIZZICATO FIVE It's a Beautiful Day PV

Defunct for ten years already, where does the time go? 

The fellow playing the bass is really an actual bass player and also the fellow who put together the music for P5, the great Yasuharu Konishi.  What's he up to now?  Oh, no sir, you have mistaken me for someone who pays attention. 

The singer is the other half of the official group, Maki Nomiya.  I admire her too. 


Anonymous said...

One my favorites, the band and the song. Nana introduced me years ago.

Did you know Maki is in her 50's now? And she still looks great. Asian girls age like wine. Why I married one.

You once had a poster I printed & mounted of club flyer titled "Bang". Yea, that was Maki sporting a guitar.


Anonymous said...

Great band. That song in particular is my favorite by them. Another one of the great things my wife taught me about Japan.

I once printed a poster scanned from a flyer for a Hollywood show called "Bang". Somehow it ended up at your house. That was Maki posing with a guitar.

Probably still there in a closet.


fred c said...

I discovered them through a client, in the mid-nineties. The client worked on the movie, "Doom Generation" or something, and she gave me a CD of the soundtrack, which included, I think, "Happy/Sad," and "Groovy Is My Name." I was hooked.

Anonymous said...

So I'll write a comment on your blog, right? but the thing wont tell me if it was sent. I come back hours later & re-comment. Both get posted & it ends up looking like different parts of my brain tried to say the same thing. Haha!

Feel free to keep the comment you like at this point Fred & delete the other, because I'm giving up on hope.

fred c said...

J, it is so reassuring to me that even you find details of this whole computer thing that confound you (however slightly, compared to the rest of us). I did think about choosing one of these, but I liked them both and they're kind of like book ends, don't you think?

And top marks to Nana for liking the P5 enough to recommend them. She had a lot of choices in Japan, many good ones; P5 were a very good choice.