Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Vanilla Beans- More Recent Japanese Pop

I don't make a science of anything, so let's just say that this video was made "a few years ago." Not too long, recent enough to make a fitting contemporary alternative to K-Pop. These direct descendants of Pink Lady are still working and are still very entertaining. 

The level of artistic merit and accomplishment exhibited in this video eclipses anything even attempted by K-Pop. This video is visually exciting, it has a sense of humor and playfulness, the backing track is actual music (I mean that it would be musically compelling even if presented without the singing or the visual content). The element of attractive young people is still present, but it has a context that is amusing and engaging on many levels. 

The variety of music that is available these days to anyone with a wi-fi connection is amazing. You should make the most of it. 

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