Tuesday, February 12, 2019

K-Pop Shows Its Wares

I understand, to some extent, the appeal of K-Pop. It's all very glossy, and the young people who man the act interchangeably are attractive. Black Pink? Did I get that wrong? Is it just one word? At least there are only four of them. Some of these modern Asian acts fill the stage. 

Negativity alert! I find all of these K-Pop acts synthetic and unappealing. It's all so manufactured. The acts generally do synchronize the dance moves within an inch of their lives, and that's the point. They achieve this success of motion by submitting themselves to countless hours of slavedriving by the ruthless businessmen who own the act and all of its work product. Any hint of scandal, or even the suggestion of a private life at all, and it's back to the mountains for that poor kid! These young men and women are intended to be devotional objects first, and unattainable sex objects second. The acts are so devoid of musical merit that sometimes I wonder why there is any singing at all. Just play a click-track and let the kids gyrate. 

Bulletin: never appear to be trying to be cool. Every K-Pop act that I have watched has been guilty of this. Trying to be cool creates the opposite situation. Trying to be cool is the least cool thing that anyone can do. 

American Bandstand Rating: I give it a five, because no one fell down. 

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