Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Japanese Pop 1976

Having given Black Pink, and K-Pop, both barrels (see below), I will now admit that in 1976 I was very fond of Pink Lady. This is essentially the same act as Black Pink, except here it is done on a human scale, with a sense of modesty and enthusiasm. 

The nature of their songs also had more of a connection to the girls' own culture and human life in general. This song is a warning to young girls (same age as the singers) that all men are not to be trusted and don't go around getting smitten by a series of guys who don't really care about you. Hold out and wait for the real deal to come along. Songs these days are much more aggressive, the men and the women in the songs all act like animals, and instant gratification is the rule of the day. Did I get that right? Close, anyway. I admit that there are still some songs that do not rely entirely on grunting and faux sexual tension. 

For a very brief period in maybe 1977 there was an American TV show called, "Pink Lady and Jeff." Jeff got on the masthead because he spoke English, which neither of the girls could do very well. He was also short, so he didn't tower over the girls. You could see that Pink Lady were two rather normal, polite, nice young women, and capable not only of singing and dancing, but also of delivering sight gags. The show lasted about six episodes. 

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