Friday, March 10, 2017

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Are there any other Godzilla fanatics out there? Well, this guy Sunnyboy66 really has our number.

I love the Sunnyboy, myself. He's way up in the punk, the garage, the . . . well, the every Goddamn thing, really. First of all, its' amazing that anybody, any company, Japanese or otherwise, would release a compilation like this. It's Beyond Amazing! Secondly, it a bit surprising that anyone who had access to such a compilation would think to share in on YouTube. I mean, what's the market for such a thing? Even I wouldn't buy it if I saw it in a store. Not, at least, in my current limited financial circumstances. (If I were suddenly a millionaire, I would certainly buy it upon discovery. But that has not happened yet and I don't expect it to happen at all.)

Forgive me, some explanation is required. You may not know that I am Godzilla fan number one. Just the Godzilla footsteps are enough to freeze me with terror. My eyes go wide when I hear the Godzilla call, and I am fixed with anticipation. I listen to this CD with a real sense of fear and horror.

Thanks, Sunnyboy!

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