Monday, September 19, 2016

Rocket From the Tombs - 30 Seconds Over Tokyo

All you youngsters out there, take note. If you want to grow your hair long and plug in your guitars, chose your influences wisely.

There are definite echos of this song in Nirvana's music, twenty years later. Definite echos. And that's a good thing. All music is derivative to some point. It's most important that you are influenced by great music and that you add something great to it. All musicians steal; great musicians push the material to a new level.

I'm not one to criticize or compare, I'll leave that to all of the geniuses up on the YouTube constantly declaring their opinions about who did what better or first. I love Rocket From the Tombs, and I've loved Pere Ubu from the beginning, and I love Nirvana as well. God bless all of them, and God speed. I hope all of those involved are making a living. Music is a tough business.

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