Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy Sad - Pizzicato Five

I miss Pizzicato Five. This is from the 1990s. It all seems like it's a world away by now.

I should ask Professor Google what's up with Maki and Yasaharu these days.

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fred c said...

Doesn't look like much for the last ten years or so. Maki Nomiya has sung on a few projects, and Yasaharu Kinishi produced music for a video game or something. I hope that they're happy. It's always terrible when there are tragedies underlying the lives of your favorite artists.

There was a ten year period of furious activity there that produced a lot of great music. Some great videos too, they obviously placed a lot of value on that end of it.

Well, thanks, Pizzicato Five, wherever you are. Bon chance!