Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jeff Beck Group (with Rod Stewart): Drinking Again

Boy, Rod Stewart was sure good there for a couple of years or so. How does that happen?

This band was so great that it was a challenge to credibility. Mr. Beck, up there in the forefront of musical giants from 1964 to the present day; Mr. Wood, still alive, as unlikely as it might seem sometimes, and making a great living with the Rolling Stones, as unlikely as that might seem sometimes; Mickey Waller, a very talented drummer and perfect for this band; and Mr. Stewart, when he was being very useful.

Rod Stewart had a few great solo albums, and his work with Jeff Beck was superb. He and Ron Wood went over to re-constitute the Small Faces as "the Faces" after Steve Marriott left, and those are good records. Did anything of real merit happen in Rod's solo career after that? Maybe "People Get Ready" on that Jeff Beck record. Maybe Jeff brought out the best in him.

There's an X-factor involved in all of this stuff. Music; sports; a lot of things. Sometimes it all works, and sometimes it all falls flat, and the difference can be hard to quantify.

Whatever, Rod's got all of the credentials that he needs to get into Rock and Roll heaven. Just tell 'em I sent you!

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