Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Delightful Turkish Coup D'etat

It’s a couple of weeks now since something along the lines of a coup d’etat happened in Turkey. It was all, at least, very coup like, while it lasted. It was quite dramatic, but the aftermath has been much, much higher on the drama scale. Perhaps a thousand percent higher.

The coup itself was defeated almost immediately, and the actions that the plotters took did not seem likely to achieve the desired results. Within minutes of the event, the strongman who was the target of the coup descended like the hordes of hell on a vast list of Turks in a great many different fields. Way too fast, he descended. And I’m not the only one who thought so.

Over in old Europe, Johannes Hahn, the EU’s Enlargement Commissioner, said, “I mean, (that) the lists are available already after the event indicates that this was prepared and at a certain moment should be used.” An infelicitous sentence, that, but I’m pretty sure he meant to say that it was most suspicious that the lists of people to be snatched had obviously been drawn up before the coup, so why and how were good questions.

My sentiments, exactly. Who benefits? That’s always a good question. It’s clearly the strongman who will benefit here. (I say strongman, because I won’t dignify the guy by using his proper title, of which he has long since made a mockery.)

So, how many people have been arrested/detained/suspended/or removed, Johnny?

Detained: 7,500 people, including 6,000 soldiers and 800 judges and prosecutors.

Suspended: 8,000 police; 30 provincial governors; 47 district governors.

Removed: 2,800 judges.

Something has also happened to about fifty journalists, but I don’t know what category they fall into. All of these are old figures by now. I decline to update them. They’re from a day very soon after the coup hit the fan.

None of this is really out of character for the strongman. He’s been moving in this direction for years. How did all of this come to happen? Good question. It’s a shame that no one seems overly interested. The way it has disappeared from the news is a puzzlement in itself. (Unless it hasn’t disappeared. I do try to ration my daily news intake. Got to watch that blood pressure!) 

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