Thursday, July 14, 2016

Beethovens 5th as salsa arr: Sverre Indris Joner

I just love this kind of cross-dressing. Mix things up, you know. I think that Mr. Beethoven would like it too. He was a pretty wild musical prodigy in his youth, the Jimi Hendrix of his day. Mr. Improvisation at his early concerts, with the hair and everything.

I found this posted to my friend Jose's Facebook today. Jose was a fascinating guy, and a great friend, back in my two-part New York incarnation, 1970s-'80s. He had three or four thousand record albums, only two of which were rock and roll. Both were Rolling Stones albums (everybody likes the Rolling Stones). He had an amazing variety of Salsa records, including one by a Cuban band that was four guys, playing conga, bongos, timbales and traps (regular kit drums). Man, Jose was more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Jose is still carrying the music flag. He has moved back to his native Dominican Republic now that the economy down there has swung way over to the good. He runs a record store, which must be a natural for him. He must have ten thousand of his own by now. Good luck, Jose, and thanks for this heads-up.

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