Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster Trailer

Not all Godzilla aficionados like this movie, it often shows in the very bottom of ratings lists.  Contrarian that I am, it's one of my favorites. 

It is light on the Godzilla moments, the big man doesn't get much screen time here.  What this movie has is a great plot, wild human characters, a very Dr. No style criminal/terrorist/super-science group on a fortified, private island, and great, great native girl action, featuring the beautiful Mia Hama.  The terrorists have a pet sea monster to keep prying eyes away from the island, and guess who kicks his ass to save the day?  Yup, Godzilla. 

The movie might score low on the lists, but Mia Hama scores at or near the top of every aficionado's list of favorite Godzilla actresses.  So there's that.  

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