Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Software Problem

After my own fashion, here's another huge idea, briefly and flippantly described.

In terms of computers, our modern machines are vastly powerful. Most of us own computers that are easily capable of truly amazing things. The software, however, has lagged behind woefully. Consider the operating systems, built layer on layer on foundations laid long ago, when computers were very, very different.

In terms of our human potential, it's a very similar situation. Productivity and the store of human knowledge have increased exponentially in the last fifty years, mirroring the advances made in computing. That's the hardware component, the power waiting to be harnessed by appropriate strategies.

But what strategies are offered up by our so-called leaders? As in the computer example, they lag far beyond the potential and are based on what is now outmoded thinking.

Worse than that, in the human example the leaders, both political and corporate, content themselves with keeping the pot small and insuring that they collect the lion's share of it. This is true from the lowest of the low, corrupt entities to the foremost nations and corporations of the earth.

The potential for human accomplishment is now a vast, virtually untapped resource. In the near-term, we'll be stuck with more war, pollution and greed, but what of the mid-term and the long-term?

Hope, anyone?

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