Monday, April 18, 2011

I Draw The Line

Sure, this blog is all me, all the time, but at least I spare you blow-by-blow descriptions of my quite boring days. No, not for me that "mama! look at my dooty!" routine.

Or is it all dooty? Maybe I only flatter myself to think that at least I'm not just chattering on about my trip to the doctor, or the fascinating conversation that I had with a taxi driver today, or the great fried rice that I got for a dollar today. Do I not wait for something generally interesting to happen? something with a general lesson in it? something that my two-cents may illuminate? something, preferably accompanied by a photograph? Maybe it is all dooty after all. Who am I to judge?

But I do at least try to draw the line and eliminate the just dead boring. That's a good thing, isn't it?


fred c said...

And don't forget my uncommonly insightful reviews of movies that no one but me gives a shit about.

Anonymous said...

99% of everything is crap... but oh, that 1%!

Anonymous said...

and dont forget your poetry...nobody gives a shit about that either

fred c said...

I'll take that poetry crack as a left-handed compliment on the other stuff, thank you.