Monday, April 29, 2013

New YouTube Twist

It is to me anyway.  "Embedding disabled by request."

I just tried to share "Mercy, Mercy," as performed by Jimi Hendrix at a concert in 1967.  God, the sound was lousy, but you could hear it, the wonderfulness.  The crunch was so fat, and it all rocked so hard, it was all Jimi, all the time.

It's a great song, lots of great versions out there.  The original was by Don Covay, and of all things we now know that Jimi was the guitarist on the original, came up with the catchy guitar part and everything.   There's a great version by the Rolling Stones on their second LP (I think), when they were still doing mostly covers.  One thing about the Rolling Stones, they had great record collections, they picked really great songs to cover.

But, "embedding disabled," so you'll have to go look for it yourself. 

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