Thursday, November 8, 2018

Crazy Rockers - The Third Man (great oldies rock 'n roll music video) In...

More O.G. Indonesian rock and roll. They really caught some lightning in a bottle there for a while. I've got to look up some more recent Indo variety shows and see if they're still way up on the Country and Western thing. I've seen some hat bands in the last ten years that were real pros and very entertaining. 

Asia is a funny place. The popular music is pretty dead in most countries. Then, like in Japan, a lot of the music really swings and rocks hard, but there's a reason. Japan was full of Americans for ten years or more, and we ran the place. They got the funk gene from us; they internalized the swing. Indo was a Dutch colony, then the Japanese took over, then on to independence and the place in general is pretty dull. Somehow the music has real meat on its bones. Strange. 

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