Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Bobby Byrd - Hot Pants ( I'm Coming ) HQ

I've discovered a disturbing fact. Bargain CDs about ten years old are already stone-cold dead. That's even faster than cassettes died!! I did not see that one coming.

So the important message here is that you must always invest in the better brands of CD. Buy those Memorex, buy the Sony, buy the TDK. Or whatever the modern equivalent is, ask you Millennial hipster friends.

I'm playing one of my old Memorex CDs and this song was in the mix. "Devil Beat on Parade." Nice mix-CD. I haven't heard it for a while. That's what these mix CDs are good for. Reminding us geezers of the good stuff. So here I am, reminding you of the good stuff, you know, to pay-forward the good fortune!

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