Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So What Happens If This Willard Guy Gets Elected?

The details depend on what happens in congress, I suppose.  But some things are clear.

The National Security State . . . 

. . . continues to grow.  Drone strikes?  Check.  Extrajudicial killings and imprisonments of Americans and others?  Check.  Warrantless surveillance?  Check, with budget increases and more intrusiveness. 

And it goes on, this list.  We're not hearing much about it, but the drug war is being militarized.  That is to say, our military is being used increasingly in the drug war.  Look up "Columbian planes shot down over the Caribbean." 

All of these budgets, mostly secret, will go up under Willard, and our famous freedoms will become even more illusory.

The So-Called Safety Net

Social Security will be saved under President Willard!  Medicare too.  New Deal, shmew deal, we got your New Deal right here.  ("Personal Responsibility")

Anti-poverty programs, and anything else that the Koch brothers don't like, will suffer.

Vouchers anyone?

Regulation of Business

Corporations will be favored over the environment and workers' safety.  Anyone not see that one coming?  Banks will be freed up to do what they do best: "create value." 


Look up JCX-53-06 if you want to see your new tax plan.  This was a proposal from the Joint Committee on Taxation in 2006, when, if you recall, President W had a mandate from the people (in his own mind).  (

The plan was "to  broaden the individual income tax base and lower individual income tax rates."  It's all there, Willard Wannabe's plan to "reduce tax rates across the board" and "close loopholes."  You should look up the loopholes that they plan to close, the odds are that you are benefiting from them right now.

The effect will  be that rates for the most prosperous will come down, and the dollar amount that they pay will also come down, money will be put in their pockets.  Rates for the poor and middle class will come down too, but their overall contribution, in individual dollars paid, will go up due to the lost deductions.   Yes, it's a sure thing, the "percentage" of income to be charged will be reduced, but the actual dollars paid will go up.  The tax burden will be further shifted to the middle class and the poor, because, after all, there are so many more of them, and they don't create anything of value.  Something similar would probably happen under Willard whatever happens in congress, because Democrats are such spineless losers.

A New, New Pearl Harbor

Here's how much I don't trust Willard and his 1990's style, Neocon advisers.  When all of this spending on "defense" and all of this tax cutting keep the economy in the shits and the National Debt, and budget deficits, going up, something will have to be found to explain why it's not the Republicans' fault.  Merely blaming it all on President Obama will not be enough.  So I'd start looking for a scapegoat pretty early on, pro-active defense is always best.  W's excuse for everything was 9-11.  What will Willard's be?  My money's on Iran, one way or the other. 

The Best Part, No, Really!

It'll probably look almost the same if President Obama pulls out a win.  A couple of unfortunate things are cut in stone right now.

1. The National Debt is not going anywhere;
2. Budget deficits are going to continue;
3. Tax revenues will continue to stagnate;
4. The National Security State will not be reduced anytime soon;
5. Globalization will continue to favor corporate interests over individuals; and others.

Unfortunately for us, Neo-Conservatism and Neo-Liberalism are two sides of the same coin.  It's all about the money, and who has it.  The last thirty years have seen the greatest increase in human productivity in history, and the greatest increase in wealth, but somehow all of this human potential and cash money have been allowed to pool over in the corners somewhere where they can do the least good.  If I told you where, I'd be accused of class warfare, and we wouldn't want that. 

Our future, and welcome to it.  At least it will be nice and warm. 

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