Sunday, October 14, 2012

King Khan & BBQ Show - Tastebuds

King Kahn has a side project, featured herein.  (There's a much more conventional cut a column page or two down, "Takin' Out the Trash.")  The man turns out to be much more than a mere R & B wannabe, indeed he's way out in Wesley Willis territory.  Wear your helmets for this one. 

PARENTAL ADVISORY on the lyrics, by the way, these lyrics would probably make Wesley blush.

This wide world of ours is getting weirder all the time.  Blame it on the Internet; blame it on poor toilet training; blame it on Satan; struggle against it or just embrace it.  But it's a fact, Jack, the wide range of (commercial) normality now embraces clinical batshit insanity.  Political normality embraces it too, some would say.

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