Monday, March 7, 2011

Earth Calling Flash! Come In Flash!

Greetings from the Land of Kars and Gurls, sunny southern California. I had a good flight. The plane's entertainment system needed to be re-booted twice, but it came back okay both times.

The longest twelve and a half minutes of my life was watching the beginning of the new Harry Potter movie, so I was happy to have all of the choice built into the flying experience these days. I watched a very recent Two-and-a Half Men, which was interesting. Rock star from Mars my ass.

For me, the best part is Homeland Security at LAX. A huge room full of black-uniformed operatives, and almost all of them have heavy foreign accents. Plus the bad attitudes. "Are you American? Go to line fifteen!" At line fifteen, "no! sixteen and seventeen! No waiting!" Staring at my passport, then me, then the passport, etc, "so what, did you lose some weight?"

But I'm "home." Now for the domestic politics!

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fred c said...

Not guilty, your honor.