Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dangerous Political Times

One hundred hours left before polls start to close on the presidential election of 2008. There are many possible results: Democratic President and Republican or semi-Republican congress; Democratic President and congress; Republican President and congress, etc. All of these possible outcomes are fraught with danger, and whatever happens on election day, there will be no peace.

The only positive sign is that in 2008 an honorable Democratic Party campaign gained real traction and pulled ahead of the now customary Republican tactics of racial division, disingenuous religiosity, fear mongering and outright lies (see: “Willie Horton”). Americans seem finally to have recognized that while Oz, seen majestically surrounded by smoke, fire and colored lights, promises all comers their hearts’ desires, there is a man behind the curtain who is only interested in creating the illusion and ensuring his continuing prosperity.

In the event, though, that Mr. Obama wins on Tuesday, The Republicans will continue their campaign of wrecking as though nothing had happened at all. We know this from bitter experience: recall the eight years of Bill Clinton’s presidency. Zero cooperation from the Republicans and a constant stream of lies and innuendo culminating in a failed attempt to impeach Clinton for, what was it, lying about something insignificant that any gentleman could be forgiven for lying about? (“I did not have sex with that woman.”) Nothing at all came of any of the substantive charges. The biggest effort to destroy Clinton was “Whitewater,” a particularly ridiculous effort to prove that the Clintons, poor as church mice after a lifetime of public service in Little Rock, Arkansas, somehow improperly benefited from a land deal to the tune of about $60,000.

There’s a big difference this year. Bill Clinton followed George Herbert Walker Bush as president. That Mr. Bush was a competent politician and an intelligent man with an inclination to caution. He handed Mr. Clinton an America that was essentially in good shape. If victorious, Mr. Obama will follow George Walker Bush, now generally considered to be an idiot, who with his comical clique of yes-men has ruined every aspect of American security and prosperity. Everyone is familiar with the list, and I will not repeat it here.

We have major obstacles to overcome, major problems to solve, major worldwide debacles to unwind. George W. Bush has made America a laughing stock around the world. He has taken Al Quida style terrorism, which was an insignificant problem in the scheme of things, and helped them to increase their numbers, spread their influence, and create a respected world wide brand opposing the presence of American troops in the Dar Islam, the Middle-East.

If Mr. Obama is elected, he will get no help with the work that needs to be done from the Republicans. You just watch, be prepared for a final round in the desperate struggle for America’s soul that has been going on since Nixon was fired. Don’t expect a return to civil discourse, a pipe dream that is getting some play these days. Expect in stead a vicious outpouring of bile about the usual suspects: Liberals! Homosexual Agendas! Activist Judges! Abortions! Radical Agendas! Victories! Taxing! Spending! And expect the Republican Party to continue their crusade against the New Deal, against Social Security, against the Middle-Class, against “socialist” medical care programs, against anything that limits in any way the ability of their corporate whore-meisters to make money and give some to them.

Whoever is elected, my friends, chaos is coming.


Anonymous said...

I will even bet you that some far rightwing nutjob will try to assassinate President Obama during his term. And may even succeed in killing him. They won't be able to stand being governed by a (half) black man.

Anonymous said...

There is even more just under the surface.

The viral email I got earlier this week was especially notable for the false witness it contained and for the way it introduced, as is too usual these days, the issue of race.

So I wrote a reply posted here.

fred c said...

This is a post from some time ago:

When up a dangerous faction starts,
With wrath and vengeance in their hearts;
By solemn League and Cov'nant bound,
To ruin, slaughter, and confound;
To turn religion to a fable,
And make the government a Babel;
Pervert the law, disgrace the gown,
Corrupt the senate, rob the crown;
To sacrifice [our country’s] glory,
And make her infamous in story:
When such a tempest shook the land,
How could unguarded Virtue stand?

From “Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift,” Jonathan Swift, 1700 something.

Could anyone better describe the desperate plight of today’s politics?

Anonymous said...

Palin gets prank-called by Canadian DJ's. What a riot! What a dumbass!


marc aurel said...

I enjoyed this more than all the stuff in the background as my son watches TV within earshot of the computer to which I'M glued.