Monday, December 7, 2015

Shinya Kimura Is Back!

Shinya Kimura!  About five years ago I posted a YouTube video of this guy doing a first cold start of a new creation.  The bike was amazing, and the video was compelling.  Then I lost track of his name. I've been looking for him for a while.  Came across his name today in a funny way. 

I was watching golf on TV, I know, the very definition of nothing to do.  Time on one's hands.  Anyway, it was the Hero Classic, down in the Bahamas.  One of the signs said, "Hero Motorcycles."  That sounded familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, so I asked Professor Google.  

Hero Motorcycles is an Indian outfit.  I'm not sure, but they might do business here in Thailand as Stallion Motorcycles.  Maybe, don't quote me.  Some of the designs look very similar.  On the Hero website the designer mentioned that his inspiration was Shinya Kimura.  Worth a look, so back to Google.  Sure enough!  It's the guy!

And what a guy.  Look at these things, and there are hundreds of them by now.  This Mr. Kimura fabricates everything but the tires and the motors, from the looks of it.  Just amazing stuff. 

That's art on the hoof, right there. 

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