Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thank You,, I Think

If I am reading my stats right, is driving a lot of traffic to my blog.  They occupy the number one position for both URL's and sites as sources of traffic.  Maybe I should thank them.

I say "maybe," because Xolodremont seems to be a Russian site that acts as a clearing house for authorized repair services for small appliances.  Like coffee makers, washing machines, things like that.  Most of the site is only in Russian, but there are clues.  There is no word search feature; you chose a service by clicking on the icon of a manufacturer.  I was sure that it was some kind of Russian Yahoo but no. 

So this is very strange, and if anyone could help me out here I'd really appreciate it. 

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Marina Grande Halifax said...

I knew flip very well. I was very good friends with his younger brother Frank AKA junior, I was in his wedding party. They lived across the street from Bobby Kerr my best friend, also died too young. Probably pretty close to the same time.