Friday, October 26, 2012

Note To The Computer Gods: You Don't Know Me

I hate every single automatic function of the software on my computer.  Just because I Googled something in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a few hours ago, my computer is sure that I have an over-riding and supremely abiding interest in Mecca.  It thinks, for instance, that I want to reserve hotel rooms in Mecca.  It is quite insistent on this point.  This is particularly absurd, because I AM NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO TRAVEL TO FUCKING MECCA, being a no-preference individual, religion wise. 

If they sold computers and software with no, absolutely no automatic functions, I would be there in a heartbeat.  I'm sitting right here, people, my own hands are on the keyboard, I can go wherever I want to go. 

If I need your pathetic help, I'll ask for it.  I say "pathetic" advisedly.  Hardware is quite advanced in this, the second decade of the Twenty-First Century (it chokes me to even type it).  Software, on the other hand, is falling pathetically behind, resorting to stupid tricks like picking up on my search including the place "Mecca," and stupidly, profoundly stupidly, thinking that that one almost random choice should then color my searches in the immediate future. 

But I am, as usual, off point in this blighted age.  The people upon whom I am heaping scorn do not care what I think of them.  They are thinking in terms of algorithms, gigantic world-wide patterns, they are thinking in terms of money.  They live in a world that I don't understand at all.  So I'll just wish them well, turn out the lights, and go to bed. 


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It looks like spam, but it's not. That's my buddy Greg, and it's worth a read.