Friday, November 6, 2009

Semi-Automatic Foolishness

Early today, in early reports of the new multiple murder frenzy, an army guy or a cop related that this murderer must have planned to kill a lot of people because one of his guns was a semi-automatic, and they only hold twelve to seventeen rounds or so, so he must have planned to change magazines, and brought a few of them. This makes sense.

The stupid news people then reported all day that he must have wanted to kill a lot of people because he brought a dreaded semi-automatic weapon.

Semi-automatic means that when the trigger is pulled the weapon fires the bullet in the chamber AND loads the next one. So, one trigger pull and one bullet is fired and the next one is loaded. A revolver does the same thing, but there's no mechanical self-loading so it's not really a "semi-automatic." All "automatic" pistols, such as .45 automatics, 9mm Glocks or Barettas, etc, are "semi-automatics." They fire one shot at a time, and self-load the next one, until the weapon is empty.

The real news is that he killed so many people with mere pistols! The guy's a regular Wyatt Earp, for crying out loud, a Muslim Annie Oakley!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it really mattered to those killed what type of gun they were shot with.

fred c said...

You're right, of course, and it's another example of that solipsism that I mentioned in the post below that I would even think about such details at a time like this.

It's the careless, self-serving imprecision of the news business that compels me, probably to distract me from the full horror of it all.