Sunday, January 1, 2023

1956-Johnny Burnette-Trio Lonesome Train

Lost in the shuffle with so many other Rockabilly talents, Johnny Burnette made a lot of nice records. 

They worked under many different names, but I believe "the Rock and Roll Trio" was the earliest. The trio was Johnny doing the singing and playing guitar, his brother Dorsey on the stand-up bass, and the really underrated Paul Burlison on the Fender Esquire. (Note that the three position switch preceded the second pick-up to make a Telecaster. On the Esquire, the switch is a tone switch.) 

Check out their version of "Train Kept a'Rolling." Paul either discovered or got wind of the fact that if you loosened one of the power tubes in the amp you got a very aggressive, punchy sound. I've played this or sent it to friends and most of them are sure that it's a much later band copying the Yardbirds mid-Sixties cover.  

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