Saturday, December 10, 2022

Robert Gordon with Danny Gatton - Love My Baby ( live )

From "about 1981" it says in the YouTube notes. That might be about right. 

Robert Gordon was always very good, a real pro. Danny Gatton was always phenomenal. Kind of a quiet guy, depressed, we later discovered. Danny did look like he was having fun, but within limits. Not like he was showing off. I wonder, however, if sometimes, just sometimes, he was thinking about how badly he was cutting all of the guitar players in the audience. He must have known that no one could touch him. Anyone who tried found out the hard way that they weren't as good as they had thought. 

There's a lot of great playing in this video, and some nice photos of Danny after the two minute mark. I'm sure that someone else hung that nickname on him, but it does fit. "The Humbler." 

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