Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Depression Update

One of my Facebook friends good-heartedly posted something about being more aware of, and more tolerant of, our depressed comrades in life. My Comment went like this:

My advised opinion is that sufferers should grin and bear it. Getting an ounce of compassion out of anyone is almost impossible, and if you do manage to get one it will be withdrawn almost immediately and replaced with a grudge against you for requiring it in the first place. Never expect anyone who is not deeply depressed to even begin to imagine what you are going through. The psychiatric profession is useless, and their drugs are counterproductive. All you can do is hang on as long as you can, resting in the certain knowledge that death will come soon enough to relieve you of your burden. There's no need to rush it along. Good luck, sufferers! There are many people that you may not know who love you and understand your plight. We wish you the best. Self-medicate if you must, and don't pay any attention to those know-nothings who criticize you for it. It's your life, such as it is.”

I apologize if that sounds a bit rough, but it's not half as rough as being deeply depressed.

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